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  • Tax Day Tea Party Rally
    Continuing the Tax Day Protest, the Collier Tea Party is participating and co-sponsoring the annual event to be held at the corner of 41 and Pine Ridge (just north in front of Beacon Bowl).  Please bring your signs to protest big government, big spending and taxation!  All liberty groups are welcome!
    If you're on facebook - Join the event here
    Facebook Event - Tax Day Tea Party Rally 2013

  • Resolution supporting 2nd Amendment passes Collier County Board of Commissioners!
    Thank you Commissioners!  Resolution passes 5-0!
  • Nullification Resolution supporting 2nd Amendment Passes Marco Island Council
    The Marco Island City Council took a stand for Liberty and voted to send a message of support for the 2nd amendment when they passed the resolution drafted by our own Jared Grifoni to demand that the Florida State Government pass a bill to nullify any unconstitutional infringements on our 2nd Amendment rights.

    Click to read the full resolution

  • Collier County wins bid for the 2013 Libertarian Party of Florida's state convention
    May 24-26, 2013
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  • Marco Island Voter Intimidation

    This is not the way to promote liberty.  The Republican Party should be ashamed to have leaders like this.
    Hear interviews of the victim of Republican intimidation.