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Election Season is here!

As you know, election season is here again.  You will of course be inundated with ads and attention from the national and state wide races, but we at the Collier Tea Party would like to ask you to direct some of your attention to the local races.  We have some candidates running that we feel will help bring more liberty and more sanity to our local government.

First, please consider supporting Jared Grifoni - - he is running for the Marco Island City Council.  Jared has been a leader in the community for many years now and has been working hard to defend those values that we hold dear.  He goes to the BCC and Marco Council meetings, he speaks out when he sees government overreach (which is quite often as you might imagine).   

As you know, the school district has nearly a 1 Billion dollar budget - roughly half of our property taxes, so even if you don't have children in the district, you need to get involved in this race.

The Collier Tea Party is compelled by our core values of reducing government waste, lowering taxes, and greater accountability and transparency of government, to issue an endorsement for  Lee Dixon -  and Louise Penta - for Collier County School Board.  
These two candidates embrace these core values and we believe they will be the fiscally conservative champions that we so desperately need on the board.  Given that the Collier County School System has nearly a 1 Billion dollar budget, it is essential that our board have fiscal responsibility and a goal of reducing wasteful spending.  The recent revelation of a mortgage foreclosure action against another Collier School Board candidate Stephanie Lucarelli, including the allegation that the $11,584 monthly payments have not been made since June 2012, has played some role in our decision. We encourage voters to research these candidates fully and support those most in line with our shared principles. 


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